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Top Ten New To-Me-Authors I Read In 2015

Happy Tuesday everyone! What is it, seventeen more days until Christmas?! I am beyond excited already, we're putting our decorations up this weekend- I love decorating the house in Christmas decorations.

This week's TTT are my top new-to-me authors that I read in 2015 and they're all wonderful and I can't wait to read more from them in the future, a lot of series I need to catch up on! 

I've attached Goodreads links so you can check out these authors for yourself:

Caroline Wallace/Smailes- The Drowning of Arthur Braxton 

One of my all time favourite books; not only is it a captivating read but the author Caroline is such a gracious woman, I can't wait to read more of her books in the near future. If you haven't read anything from this great author before then I strongly suggest you do...



Victoria Aveyard- Red Queen

One of the most anticipated books of 2015 and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for Red Queen and Victoria Aveyard definitely didn't disappoint, without wanting to brag either I have by chance a copy of the next novel in the series- Glass Sword. I'm enjoying her writing style and the suspense- I highly recommend!

Helena Coggan- The Catalyst

The Catalyst was the first ARC I ever received and I'm never going to forget it because of how wonderful Helena writes. Although a young writer, she has an extraordinary amount of imagination and I'm thrilled to have pre-ordered the new book in the series The Reaction!


Marissa Meyer- Cinder

It's taken me far too long to pick up this series by Marissa and for that I apologise to her because my gosh what a series so far! For a lot of readers this series has come to an end but for me it's the beginning, afterwards there will be no doubt of me picking up a new book from this inspiring author.

Chele Cooke- Dead and Buryd

I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in the blog tour of this lovely lady's book series Out of Orbit. The series so far is one I'm enjoying thoroughly, it's fresh, fast paced and keeps you guessing throughout. So if you're stuck for a read then I recommend you check out Chele's books!

Sarah J. Maas- A Court of Thorns and Roses

No amount of words can express my love for Sarah, she's incredible. If you haven't picked up ACOTAR or her Throne of Glass series then you need to desperately, a wonderful author!

Diane Chamberlain- The Silent Sister

A book I originally wouldn't have otherwise picked up if it wasn't for my friend Vicky, having borrowed this from her due to her bugging me to read it I was surprised to find myself not able to put down this book. I'm most definitely wanting to read more from Diane.

Anthony Doerr- All The Light We Cannot See

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and Anthony brings something different to the literary table. He's capable of touching your heart and making it melt with love and the inevitability of sadness that a war time book will give you. I'm certainly going to read more from him in the future.

Kiera Cass- The Selection

Kiera gave me the quickest read series in my life, I adored The Selection. I'm apprehensive to begin Heir but at some point in the future I will return and give it a read because this author's writing style is mesmerising, I didn't want to stop reading!

James Smythe- Way Down Dark

James has left me hanging with the first book of this dark and captivating end of the world series, so I'm itching to grab the next book to find out what is going to happen next. If you're after a different disaster book then this author is the one for you, unique and very addictive!

Who are your top new-to- you authors of 2015? Do you think I should read their books in 2016? Then tell me in the comments below!

I hope you're all well and are having a wonderful day.

Hugs and festive love,

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