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Open University \ Year 1 Term 1


Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a great start to the New Year. Sadly for me I currently have a cold, so I'm resting up with paracetamol in one hand and a bottle of lucozade in the other. Nonetheless I'm sure I'll be back on my feet in no time!

My second term of OU has begun and I'm glad to get back to it, having time off is very nice and all but I tend to lose my focus and trying to get back into the status quo of things. So I thought while I'm thinking about making notes on Irish Nationalism, I thought I'd share with you how my first term went and what I hope for during this next term...

Beginning this course I was determined to work my hardest and focus completely on my work and nothing else, which now I reflect I feel that I did considerably well what with all my piles of books surrounding me begging to be read. I absolutely worked my socks off, and I'm pleased to say that it's pulled off. At the end of term after handing in two assessments for each of my two modules I gained three marks with 70% and above equalling to a 1st, and another assignment with the mark of 63% giving me a 2:1. They're marks I certainly didn't expect for my first few assessments, if anything I would have been happy gaining half- but I can't complain *pats self on the back*!

Despite these good marks I feel that the real achievement for last term was me actually sticking to my guns and working hard as I possibly could despite all distractions of work and spending time with my boyfriend, I could have easily screwed up and packed it in- but I didn't and I feel proud of myself.

I feel that with me taking this course on I'm most definitely doing it for my own personal gain and no one else's, I've never really done that before. I've set myself the goal of gaining a degree and I know that I will feel wonderful by doing so, it's something that's important to me in pursuing a career I hope to love. Are you doing something this year that's challenging you?

Now entering term two, the assignments are noticeably more challenging which I like but I'm not going to get big for my boots. I'm not going to set myself the impossible task of everything having to be perfect, but to just achieve a pass would be fantastic and anything more is a complete bonus!

I hope you're all well and having a great 2016 so far. If you have any questions about OU then please don't hesitate to ask and I will answer them as well as I'm able to!

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