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Discussion \ Am I Just Another Blogger?


These past couple of days I've been catching up with my favourite YouTubers, and one of them in particular was Jack Howard where I found he made some valid points on creativity in the online community. Some of you may have watched these videos 'Ramble About YouTube' and 'YouTube Discussion Continued' where he brings up some ugly truths of content and creators.

To give you a snippet of what he was getting at in these videos- basically a lot of content on the internet whether it be on YouTube or the blogging world is pretty much deemed as being "mainstream" and not so much "unique" and it seems more set out to achieve recognition in hope of being famous rather than something that can be inspiring to others- therefore the content doesn't seem to be stimulating for everyone.

I don't know about you but as a primarily book blogger it's certainly challenging to come up with unique content, I mean I'm building on someone else's discussion right now and it can be frustrating beyond belief to conjure up something that no one else has thought of doing.

Being a book blogger I share my reviews and take part in various memes with others that share a common interest, other than this content I may share a bit about my personal life and various other odd things that I feel that I would personally want to read and be happy with sharing to others. I try my hardest with every post to be happy with what I've written, if I don't like it I may scrap it and it's gone forever or I'll keep it in my drafts in case I can build on it another time. I strive to not rush my content because I don't want you my reader to be bored or for myself to get bored with what I'm blogging about, admittedly at times it does feel like I'm rushing no matter how much time I spend on a post because I feel like my content can be just like the next persons.

Whether these views are just solely from my own feelings I don't know. I just feel that sometimes my content isn't quite how I want it to be, and this often reflects in how others react to my posts too. 

When it comes to me unfollowing blogs it's perhaps that there isn't something new and fresh for me to become inspired by- it stuck to the status quo which is safe and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but do however love reading bold posts that some people aren't brave to talk about like sharing how you survive your period, a bit graphic I know but I love that because it's different and it stands out to me a lot. Having saying that blogs that do stick to the status quo and do it well I have such high regard for, to keep up a blog that inspires others continuously because they keep up their content to how it suits them and others. I mean, I'm a sucker for reading through someone's top ten books of the year purely because that's something I'll always find interesting and helpful to me as someone who seeks to read new books- finding a right balance in my blogging has become ever more important to me in keeping my blog appealing to myself and others.

Another why I look at it is; my favourite ice cream is strawberry but when I'm given the option of trying a flavour that's new to me like lavender- because it's unusual to me I want to give it a try in case it becomes a new favourite!

The same can be applied to bloggers and their content, I know I'm more likely to love a book blog that features fantasy books because I love fantasy but finding a new book blog with different books I've never thought of trying becomes more appealing when I see how much that person loves them books- you see what I'm getting at?

I want to be like that lavender ice cream and offer something different to the blogging community, I would want for someone to enjoy my content regardless if they liked my personality or not- that's just an added bonus as far as I'm concerned! I'm not in this blogging game for fame or fortune, I started up my blog as a hobby and to share what I'm passionate about. I think there's nothing more beautiful and inspiring than reading through someone's blog and seeing how passionate they are with what they blog about. 

When I follow a blog it's because I genuinely like the content I read and the personality of the blogger shines through the posts, and I find such satisfaction in following great bloggers (which I do, you're fabulous!) so don't regard this discussion as "hating" on other bloggers that's not the case, I'm being critical of myself and the content I create.

 Everyone has a preference of blogging and what they like to read/watch and that's what's fun about sharing content, 9/10 people are likely to enjoy what you blog about because they seek out mutual interests. I would just like to bring something new to the table and not be scared of what I want to blog about regardless of the subject, and I feel this will come with personal reflection not just feedback from readers. As long as I love what I'm blogging about someone else is likely to aswell, and this gives me the motivation to strive to become creative in what I'm interested in.

I'm not hinting at anything drastic to draw viewers to my blog, I think for me to become the lavender ice cream is to allow myself to find creativity as I continue my blogger journey where I will pick up some tips and tricks that will inspire me to try something different. I think that Jack Howard's videos have brought to light how I want to continue blogging and what I want to potentially change in the future. When or how this change will come about is unknown to me, but when I know hopefully you'll know and I won't come across as just another blogger to myself or you.

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