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Managing Life and Blogging


We all get a bit tangled up in life with various goings on an balancing everything out can get the best of us in a bit of a pickle, but if you can organise yourself a bit these things can coincide with blogging. As someone who blogs for fun I really try and incorporate it into my day somehow, even if it's just to write up a small paragraph towards a future post it gives me a bit of me time before I deal with other life goings on. Here is my strategy to manage life and blogging...

1.  Prioritise-  you know if you have more important things to do besides blogging, for me it's university work. Not always enjoyable but I know once I'm done I can enjoy activities I want to do such as reading and taking a nice hot Lush bath. Get that essay sorted and you can enjoy things without a guilty head!

2. Get organised- my best friend is my personal organiser (the site Paperchase do gorgeous one's!) where I can note down what I need to do that specific day and slot in a time where I can blog, and even if it's only for a short time you can still be productive with it! 

3. Drafts- when I have time to blog I try and create a few drafts to fall back on in case I have an unexpected busy week and I can't produce a blog post that week. Even if I just slowly build up potential posts, it saves a lot of thinking and it gives me time to work on them when I have a spare moment. Trust me drafts are life savers!

4. Schedule, schedule, schedule!- when you're not active on your blog but you have a couple of cheeky drafts hidden away, make sure you schedule them for when those busy times smack you in the face. Scheduling tweets is a big help too, sharing links to your other social networks like Instagram and previous posts on your blog will show readers that you're not inactive and thus reduces temptation of them unfollow you- we've all been there...well at least I have!

5. Note new ideas down- it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing if you have a potential blog post in mind then write it, type it, draw it, just grab anything you can and take note. I don't know about you but my memory can be shocking sometimes, so carrying a small notebook and pen in my handbag can be a smart decision!

6. It's okay to say no!- whether it's blogging or not you can't do everything. As someone who reviews books I can get a lot of emails requesting for me to read a book, and as much as I love books I simply can't read them all at once by a certain date. The best thing to do is politely decline the offer and offer your services if they could be needed another time, this shows that you're willing to help someone out and that way it doesn't rule out any future possibilities!

7. Take some time out- we all need a break sometimes from whatever we do even the things we love, and so the important thing to do is to have a bit of you time and collect your thoughts. There's no productivity with a messy mind, as you're only going to do something clumsy and it will all go wrong or worse you make yourself ill! Even if it's just ten minutes of peace and quiet with a hot beverage you'll feel a lot better with a clear head- there's always time for tea!

So this is how I manage life and blogging, but I admit there's not always a good balance depending on my mood. However by sticking to these tips the majority of the time I have my priorities right and have the time to enjoy what I love doing- reading, travel and blogging!

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