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The World of Publishing Introduction


Hello everyone, I apologise for not being as active on this blog as I would have liked to this week but due to university work and feeling a bit rough I've taken a backseat for a bit. I have however been working on new blog posts, and this has involved me contacting some wonderful people who work in the publishing industry. 

As someone who has a keen interest in working in this work sector professionally in the future I wanted to find out more about the different job roles, and as a primary book blogger like a lot of you are I thought you my readers would find it helpful to you too. 

These Q&A's will be exploring the different roles in publishing and some helpful advice as to where you can begin, what qualifications you might need, and just general advice that I've found incredibly helpful.

With them all having different roles in the industry I found it to be very interesting as to how many jobs there actually are in the industry, and it's given me some insight into what I might perhaps enjoy as a future career. What I noticed with each of the participants is that they're happy in their jobs, and they've obviously worked hard to be where they are now. One of the main messages I picked up from these Q&A's was to never give up, if you want a career in publishing you can do it if you put your mind to it.

I'm really excited to share these with you and I hope you find them as helpful as I have, and many thanks to the wonderful participants I can't thank you enough for making these posts happen! They might not appear every week but if you follow me on Twitter I will keep you updated as to when each Q&A is posted.

Also if you yourself work in publishing and would like to answer these questions and feature on my blog, then just send me the answers via email (emmahunter1609@hotmail.co.uk) and I'll reply to discuss as soon as I can.

Hugs and love,

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