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Why You Should See Deadpool


So I was late to the part of seeing Deadpool, the constant tweets of friends and family off to the cinema to view this latest Marvel creation I just had to get to it at some point and I have...

WELL, if you don't love Marvel then you have permission to leave before I explode my fangirl guts all over you and provide my reasons for why you need to see this film.

So first off the Deadpool character is a former Special Forces operative who after a disastrous experiment has gained accelerated healing powers- sounds decent right? I mean to be a superhero the power to heal yourself is most desired surely. Nope, not Deadpool he'd rather make fun of himself and be just about the most anti-superhero possible and yet manages to save his girlfriend like any classic Marvel movie does.

Immediately the opening credits don't show the credit to those involved but makes fun of them, referring to the producers for example as "a-hats." This gives you the hint that this isn't going to be like any other Marvel film because it's not and you know what? It's SO much better...

What really makes this a unique Marvel film is the fact that it's more or less a dig at other Marvel creations, including Ryan Reynolds' other Marvel film- Green Lantern, him once being the People's Sexiest Man alive, and made jabs at other acting talents such as my beloved Hugh Jackman. Even I found this to be hilarious!

I wouldn't take your kids to see this movie, the adult themes are rather hot hot hot- and yeah the awkwardness of watching Ryan Reynolds get down and dirty with Morena Baccarin with your parents was just enough for me to get a bit hot under the collar. Not only that but there's not a sentence that doesn't contain the f-word, and so it goes against the behaviour and morals of our typical Marvel hero.

You're not missing any action or storyline in this film, the good guy goes after the bad guy in the most comic way I've seen in these films- far-fetched but in the coolest way possible.

From start to finish I was in hysterics and the hint at a sequel made me squeal even more, and now I've been left with a slight crush on Ryan Reynolds and ever more so eager to have more Marvel in my life.


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