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Period Relief \ Personal Tips


Ladies we all know what it's like when Aunt Flo pays us her monthly visit and it's not always a comfortable one. I'm not going to go into the glorious detail, but for those of us who suffer very painful menstrual pains the bitch in us awakens to a whole new level. I'm going to share my personal remedies that help my time of the month a bit more bearable. Unfortunately mine can be pretty bad at times and it can effect my social life a lot, but we're all different so some of these may not work for some but will for others. I hope these tips will be of some help to at least a few of you!

Hot water bottle's are one of the best inventions when it comes to being ill and dealing with menstrual pain. Just pressing this gently onto your stomach where it hurts will help ease the pain just like pain killers.

Pain killer's are of great relief when we're getting desperate to rid the pain but it's not always the best or healthy option to keep popping these pills. However, if you're like me and have trouble with your periods doctors often prescribe you specific pills to help you out. Seriously if your periods are troubling you to a degree where you're not getting on with daily activities, make an appointment with your doctor it will save a lot of worry!

Considering the contraceptive pill is also another option while you're at the doctors, for me it has changed my time of the month to a manageable one. The pill has regulated my cycle so there's no more guess work on when it's going to creep up on me, the pain isn't as unforgiving, the flow is a lot less (relieving paranoia and changing tampons/towel constantly) and it's 99% effective at preventing pregnancy so to be honest it's the best. There's added extras too like clearer skin amongst others. BUT I can't stress enough how medication effects us all differently so it may work great for me but you need to consider your options. There's plenty of other contraceptives other than the pill and they're worth discussing with your doctor.

Fizzy drinks are a blessing to me, and admittedly not the healthiest of options but them bubbles help with the pain an awful lot. I can't describe it exactly but it settles my stomach and numbs the pain for a little while. So when you're out and about, at work etc then it's easy enough to pick up a fizzy drink to help you through the day.

Baths are another favourite of mine, if anything they're the perfect excuse for buying bath bombs, salts, crystals and all the pamper goodies you desire. I don't know about you but I feel gross during my period and there's nothing that helps me better than a long soak in the bath to feel myself again, so kick back relax grab a book and enjoy.

Comfort food at the best of times isn't so much of a good idea but seriously having what you want at least once a month isn't a crime, you're going through this god awful pain so why suffer when you can munch on your favourite treats? Open them crisps and stick on a bit of Netflix!

Seriously, if I could provide only one piece of advice it would be to make the best of your periods. Treat yourself to what you want, whether it's food, new clothes, them heels you've been saving for, that Mac lipstick you've had your eye on or a tonne of bath bombs from Lush- just do it. You deserve to be treated and to feel gorgeous at your most grossest!

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