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Anxiety \ Home Remedies To Help Me Relax


As some of you are aware a little while ago I shared my tips on relieving my anxiety, and similar today I felt like sharing my home remedies that I carry out to help me relax and prevent myself from feeling anxious in the first place.

Like everyone I need time to myself and if anything it's the best form of medicine for mental health. I'm sure many of us lead busy lives and quite often we simply have little to no time at all to give ourselves some "me time." These remedies aren't necessarily aimed at when you have a few hours or even a day to yourself but some for as little as five minutes even. Just five minutes out of your day to sit back and relax for a moment, shutting out the world for a while to gather your thoughts or even to escape them. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to do this...

Chamomile Tea

One of my favourite drinks is chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey swirled in. Admittedly not the tastiest drink going- hence the added honey but it's a great wind-down drink. My favourite time to drink it is before I go to bed as its a known herbal remedy with great health benefits too, and for a great number of people like myself it helps us to relax and get a good night's sleep.


For me this is the most important remedy for us all. When we're feeling anxious we may lose a lot of sleep but its important that you try your best to get as much as you can, whether its a nap in the afternoon or going to bed early. Try to shut your mind off from the outside world that's currently bothering you, not easy I know but you'll hopefully feel a lot brighter for doing so.


Probably one of my most favourite scents in the world ever since I was a child. My Gran would always have Yardley Lavender Soap in her bathroom, and I remember as a child she would get me and my brother to do all sorts of crafts one of them was to make lavender bags to put in our clothes draws to keep them smelling fresh.
Like chamomile, lavender is great to help you relax. Whether you use it in the bath or as a perfume it's truly a comforting scent to have around you.


I know as a book blogger I love reading regardless as to what mood I'm in but when you find a book that you can relate to at a particular point in your life it can be a great comfort. The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger for me is the best book I've ever read because at a time where I wanted to escape adulthood it helped me understand why- can't recommend it enough!


After a long day sometimes all you need is a long soak in the bath surrounded by bubbles and comforting scents from bath melts, bombs, oils, etc to help you wind down of an evening. Again, having a bath before going to bed is recommended hugely. The Twilight bath bomb from Lush is a new favourite of mine- I slept like a baby after using it!

Meditation Apps

Apps like Headspace and Calm have been two apps that I've found great comfort in recently. 
Calm an incredibly welcome app immediately immerses you with the therapeutic sound of rain tapping against the leaves of a tree as it falls. With reminders and a soothing voice talking you through your meditation, I immediately felt refreshed and ready for my day whether it be at work or studying at home. 
Calm have also released a book that has helpful information and activities to try out!


Ever since I was a child colouring was a time for myself to relax and be creative. I even remember one year before Christmas I asked my mum for a colouring book and pencils- I know I was such an easy child to please. I'm just thankful to say that even as an adult I still find enjoyment and relaxation from simply colouring in.


A new activity I've found recently is bullet journaling. A system of organisation and creativity, I'm noting down things I need to do, bucket lists, Netflix shows I need to watch, books to read and the list keeps growing. It's fun to put together and a great system to keep my brain from panicking- I highly recommend starting one if you haven't already!

So these are my favourite ways to help me relax when I'm feeling anxious. What helps you unwind and help your anxiety? Maybe I could try them out too!

This summer I'm planning on creating care packages if you like that I'll be giving away to those of you who like me suffer with anxiety. I'm hoping to include my own homemade lavender bags you can pop in your clothes draw, homemade bath bombs, favourite happy quotes of mine, and other goodies to help put the sunshine in your day. If you think this would be a great idea then I would appreciate the feedback!

Hugs and love,

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