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Klaw: The First Cycle by Antoine Ozenam and Joël Jurion


Klaw by Antoine Ozenam and Joël Jurion ~Goodreads~
Published by Magnetic Press 2016
Hardcover edition 144 pages ~Book Depository~

I was sent this graphic novel via Netgalley for an honest review- thank you tot he publisher!

A population of secret were-animals hide among us, and young Angel Tomassini is about to learn just how widespread- and dangerous it is!

The artwork for this graphic novel immediately took my eye, it has such fine detail throughout and made this story even more enjoyable.

This first volume of Klaw introduces us to Angel Tomassini who is your average teenage guy who so happens to be rescued by a tiger from a difficult situation- I know a little bizarre at first but this concept soon warms on me when we discover more of Angel's heritage and the reason behind a superhero tiger!

What first puzzles Angel is why he is calling various people by "uncle" when they're not by blood, but as the truth seeps out of his father's past he learns that there's very few people he can trust. Up against enemies he never imagined he would face, he's having to get to grips as to who he really is with the help of those guardians by his side along the way.

Fast paced, colourful and an interesting start to a series I'm intrigued to find out what adventures Angel gets up to next, and as a YA fan it appealed to me greatly and I don't see why it wouldn't to other adults.

I think this is a graphic series to keep my eye on, and the artwork needs to be appreciated as it really sets the scenes perfectly!

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