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The Doubt Factory by Paolo Bacigalupi \ Blog Tour


The Doubt Factory by Paolo Bacigalupi ~Goodreads~
Published by Atom 2016
Paperback edition 496 pages ~Book Depository~

Thank you to ED Public Relations for inviting me on The Doubt Factory blog tour, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!

Everything Alix knows about her life is a lie- at least according to the mysterious young man who's been stalking her. But could her Dad really be a bad guy at the helm of an organisation that covers up the deadly wrongdoings of some of the country's most rich and powerful? Alix has to make an impossible choice between her father and the young man she's not only falling for, but who's asking her to blow the whistle on the man who raised her. Could someone you have loved and have known for your whole life actually have the heart of a killer?

From the first few chapters I was hooked on this book, the strange attacks happening at Alix's school and a mysterious stalker that knows her name. With this fascination came her to be kidnapped and taken to the headquarters of 2.0 a gang of teenagers set out to avenge what they've lost and Alix begins to question the trust she has in her father and sets out to help 2.0 uncover the truth of his work and politics. 

The character development with Alix was pretty swift, at first she's a do-gooder who is constantly chasing around after her mischievous brother, and then since meeting Moses she let's loose. Admittedly what I didn't enjoy about this book was the stalker/teen romance between them, for me it could have been left at being attracted to one another but being more of a team than a power couple. The romance was the typical naivety of teenage love and misguidance, and yes I can see the attraction of a mystery guy that's showing an interest in you but it was a bit messed up for my liking. I would have liked to have seen more team work with Kook and the rest of the gang, a little more back story on them would have been great.

Aside from that teeny tiny dislike, I'm a big fan on sci-fi/techno thriller's and this book gave me all of that and kept me interested throughout. The author draws in the attention of how companies make profits by deceiving their audiences/customers, whether it's health drugs, food, electronic products a lot of companies are clever at making capital at the expense of others. The drugs industry is an important and quite a scary production and this book enhanced my concern for drugs that I take such as the simple paracetamol for headaches and the process it would have had to go through to be admitted for purchase- pretty scary and intense if you ask me but interesting all the same!

The main theme in this book is trust, can you trust anyone really? Is there always some underlying false truth in everything? I don't know, but I think it's always good to be a little reserved and trust in your gut feeling with things. Trust is most definitely earned! 

The Doubt Factory brings to life the dishonest culture of the world we live in today, full of secrets and lies that could affect us mentally and physically. Overall, it's a gripping read that I would have loved to have seen more action of teens vs adults and a little less romance. I'm looking forward to checking out more of Bacigalupi's work. 

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