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April Wrap-Up


Happy May everyone! Yes, I'm a little late to be posting my April wrap-up but like always time has caught up with me and I'm behind on some things. However, it's here and April was a really good month for reading and for other things going on in my life.

I managed to visit my uncle in Somerset, which is pretty much my favourite weekend getaway. There's nothing quite like going into the deep countryside, drinking the local cider and cuddling cute springer-spaniel puppies in a cute cottage.

My boyfriend came down to visit too so all in all April was pretty decent for me, despite the pressures of getting assignments done and keeping up-to-date with my reading schedule (that has gone flying out the window).

This month turned into my graphic novel month, admittedly not what I was anticipating but once I read one I wanted to start another and it ended up me reading quite a few. Apart from these two the rest I was lucky to be sent via Netgalley for an honest review which you can check all of them out here:

Paper Girls, Vol 1. by Brian Vaughan
Klaw: The First Cycle by Antoine Ozanam 
Golem by Lorenzo Ceccotti 
Saga, Vol 1 by Brian Vaughan
Low by Rick Remender
Complete Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Caroll and Leah Moore et al.
Star Trek: Manifest Destiny by Mike Johnson

(The last two graphic novel reviews I haven't published on my blog yet but will be coming soon!)

I had fun reading graphic novels for a change as I've not been into them that much before but thanks to the Read Now selection on Netgalley I had plenty to choose from, and I'm excited to be reading some more next month.

I don't think I'm ever disappointed with obtaining books apart from receiving one's I want to read immediately when I know I have deadlines coming up or other books that are on my priority list first. I also really need to update my Kindle TBR because I have a crazy amount of books to read on there, most of which I'm aiming to read this summer so watch this space!

Half Lost by Sally Green
Long Dark Dust by James Smythe
Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman
Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen by Alyson Weir

Half Lost by Sally Green is the third book in the Half Bad trilogy and if I remember rightly Half Wild was left on a huge cliffhanger so I'm SO looking forward to finishing off this brilliant trilogy in the next month or so.

Again another book I reviewed last year was Way Down Dark and I was thrilled to have this second installment to the Australia trilogy- Long Dark Dusk sent through the post. It's a series I think deserves a lot more recognition!

Last year I read one of Fredrik Backman's books called A Man Called Ove and it was simply adorable- so to be sent another one of his collection is brilliant and I can't wait to find out who Britt-Marie is!

Then lastly I managed to obtain this gorgeous hardback version of Alyson Weir's first book in the series Kathrine of Aragon, The True Queen. You know how much I love a bit of historical fiction and I'm excited to be starting a new series!

As sad as this is my main priority for this month is to finish my final assessment for my last module on my course, and I'm so glad I have plenty of time to get on with it properly. I completed my second to last assignment a week ago and it felt amazing to finally finish one of my modules for this year but at the same time I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, I just hope this last assignment doesn't take me too long to finish!

If I manage to miraculously finish this assignment earlier than expected then the books will come out and they'll be nothing to stop me. My room is slowly becoming one big stack of books- its ridiculous!

What are your plans for this month? Any new books you're excited to read too? Tell me in the comments!

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