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Emma & Sam, Sam & Emma


Good evening everyone, I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your weekend. Some of you may be aware of a certain someone I've been dating these past couple of months, and well without making you want to throw up I'm really happy with him and he seems to be with me too.

So I guess this is my kind of formal post to say this is the guy who's been making me insanely happy these past two months haha.

Last weekend was bank holiday, and thankfully I got to spend Sunday night and all day Monday with him. We looked around one of my favourite museums, The Imperial War, and then we pretty much stuffed our faces with the tastiest burger ever. I'm even proud enough to say that I didn't make a complete mess of myself, but Sam nearly had to roll me out the door I was so stuffed.

I feel shy to write even more about him now that I know he's been reading this blog, the cutie. I'm sure he'll make more appearances in the future, as in fact Sam has written a review on Batman: The Dark knight Returns by Frank Miller which I will be posting tomorrow. 

He'll tease me for saying this but when Sam mentioned writing a review to go on my blog I was beaming, for this guy who I really like to take an interest in my hobby and wanting to give it a go himself? SUPER CUTE!

Anyway, no doubt you'll hear more snippets about myself and Sam soon without me wanting to bore you all to death in this single post. 

I'm very happy :)

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